Turkey is the largest producer and exporter in the world for dried apricot products. Malatya region is famous and most of the The fruit finds its best environment in the province of Malatya. Due to the composition arising from the ecology of the province, Malatya origin apricots gained economic value in the form of dried apricots for years.

Apricots from Malatya region are famous for the dry material content. It vary between 24 % and 30 %, other varieties are observed at only 20%.

Sulphured Dried Apricots

Sulphured Dried Apricots are treated with SO2 in order to provide colour retention and longer shelf life. The colour of this type changes from light yellow to orange. The SO2 content is max 2000 ppm for European countries and between 2500-3000 for USA and others. Also if the buyer needs a special content it can be adjusted as well. The colour is lighter as the SO2 content increases.

Natural (Unsulphured) Dried Apricots

Natural (Unsulphured) Dried Apricots differs from sulphured apricots:

-in colour: the colour of this type changes from light brown to dark brown. These apricots are directly dried under the sunlight without being treated with SO2.

-in taste: it is sweeter than the sulphured type.

Diced Dried apricots

Whole dried apricots are diced by machine into the required sizes, 5x5mm, 8x8mm, 10x10mm.

Sulphured dried apricot diced

Natural dried apricot diced


Harvesting of fresh apricots, crop time in Malatya is August.

Sundrying :

Apricot is dried in two different methods: natural dry and sulfured dry.

Sulfuring is useful to shorten the time of the drying process, to preserve the orange colour, to prevent the product from getting infested with bugs and to increase the preservation period. Sulfuring, and the rest accomplish more than 80 % of the total drying efforts by drying in the sun. Spreading the apricot directly on earth, concrete, or cloths does 10 % of the drying processes.

In natural drying, the quality decreases because of the dirt and bruises that the apricots receive. In apricots that are day dried, bugs form a short time after the drying process, but nevertheless, these apricots are very tasteful.

Processing in factory:

In our processing facility, we first fumigate and then wash the apricots, then calibrate to 8 different sizes, then apricots are waited in plastic baskets for some days to absorb the excess water in it. After humidity and SO2 tests, if the product meets the desired quality standards, handpicked by workers one by one. All the wounded, damaged, dotted and mouldy berries are selected.

Bulk packing:

12,5 kg or 10 kg carton boxes. Our boxes are 2 lines, hard, suitable for transport to long destinations.

5 kg carton boxes

Retail packing

A wide variety of retail packaging is available to meet your needs: carton trays, plastic trays, wooden trays, foam trays, and also doypacks (printed). In doypacks 150 gr / 200 gr / 250 gr / 300 gr / 400 gr / 500 gr