Semi-dried Tomatoes (Oven roasted) IQF

This is new trend line of processed dried tomatoes are juicier and fresher in taste.

All our fresh tomatoes are selectively harvested under the company’s stringent quality control and then graded, washed and re-selected in our facility prior to the cutting process.

The tomatoes are cut to equal sizes by machine and carefully placed in trays. They are taken to ovens and the drying process is started. Subject to the customer specification, they are taken out from the tunnels and frozen in IQF.

After the IQF process, our product is again carefully selected before packing. All finished product is then sent -18C cold storage.It is also available, semi dried tomatoes diced; our high tech cutting machine cuts by 10×10 mm.

oven-dried-tomato semi-dried tomato-chooped

semi-chopped-dried-tomato  semi-dried-diced semi-dried-segment semi-dried-tomato-IQF semi-dried-tomato-sample

Marinated Semi-dried Tomato

Semi-dried (oven dried) tomato, marinated with vegetable oil (olive oil / sunflower oil / canola oil), herbs (oregano…) and garlic, IQF

Packing: 10 kg bulk  or 1 kg doypack

 Segment 1/6 or 1/4

 Chopped / Diced 10×10 mm