IQF Strawberry, Organic or Conventional

Crop time June-July

The strawberries are washed and after removal of stems selected, frozen in IQF freezer, re-selected after freezing, packed and metal detected.

Variety: Conventional Camarosa, Organic Tioga

Size: 10-18 mm, 18-22 mm, 22-26 mm, 26+ mm, or un-calibrated

Diced: 10×10 mm or any size

Brix: 7-11

Packing: 10 kg poly lined box.

Plant certificates: ISO 22000, KOSHER

Organic certificates: Production, processing, transport and labeling comply with the requirements of related regulations for organic agriculture, i.e., EC 834/2007 and 889/2008 Demeter, Bio Suisse, JAS, NOP, EU Organic, BSC (ÖKO GARANTIE)